April 3

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Hello Canberra,

⛅️ Weather: 23° and mostly sunny.

📆 Today: It’s Wednesday 3rd April

On This Day in Canberra: 🕵️ Petrov Defection

Under a small, nondescript and isolated railway bridge in Hume, Soviet spy Vladimir Petrov shared secrets with ASIO agents in exchange for political asylum. He famously defected to Australia on this day in 1954. Find out more.

Looking Ahead: Canberra Heritage Festival

The Canberra Region Heritage Festival is happening from the 13th to the 28th of April. This year's festival theme, 'Connections', aims to explore the diverse and inspiring stories that embed heritage connections across our region. There are over 120 events happening, and I'll be showcasing many of them in upcoming issues. You can view the program here.

News: 🎻 Lower Ticket Sales at Folk Festival

Although the National Folk Festival has yet to publish official attendance figures, organisers have indicated that the turnout was below the anticipated 40,000 attendees. Music festivals around Australia have been struggling with ticket sales as the cost of living pressures take their toll.

Something to do: 🦇 Visit the Bat Camp

Commonwealth Park is the perfect place for the nomadic flying fox to camp out while visiting the Capital. At dusk each day, the bats awaken for their nocturnal journey in search of Eucalyptus blossoms, nectar and fruit, and you'll often see them flying across the Canberra skyline on a summer evening. SEE Change Gungahlin and ACT Wildlife invites you to visit the bat camp with wildlife ecologist Peggy Eby.

The Flying Fox Walk and Talk is happening on Saturday, the 13th of April. Tickets here.

Did you know: Unsafe Fruit Netting Is Banned in the ACT

The ACT Government has banned non-wildlife friendly animal netting. Any mesh netting that has a hole you can stick your finger through is considered unsafe for native wildlife including to the Grey-headed Flying-fox which is listed as vulnerable to extinction. You can find out more about the right type of fruit netting to use here.

Something to do: 📸 Candid Canberra Photo Competition

The Perinatal Wellbeing Centre provides mental health services to families in the Canberra region. They are currently holding a fundraising photo competition with entry open to all members of the community. Share your funny, candid, creative and artistic photos to win cash prizes. Each entry will be showcased at the magnificent Shine Dome at the ANU on May 11 during the Candid Canberra exhibition. Details here.

News: 👮 Canberra Has a New Top Cop

Deputy Commissioner Scott Lee is the new ACT chief police officer. Deputy Commissioner Lee replaces Neil Gaughan after 4 years in the role. Scott Lee joined the AFP in 1985 and has more than 38 years of policing experience. Details here.